Therapeutic Benefits of Pine Needle Essential Oil

Therapeutic Benefits of Pine Needle Essential Oil

Posted by Ocean Tranquil on 3rd Jul 2019

Pine Essential Oil also known scientifically as Pinus Sylvestris is an essential oil which is extracted by the steam distillation from the needles of the pine tree, most commonly used as a must have christmas decoration.

This popular essential oil is best known for its uplifting, clarifying and refreshing scent and is most commonly used in aromatherapy to energise and stimulate the mind and body. It is also a great natural remedy for mood enhancement and relieving fatique.  

Therapeutic Benefits of Pine Needle Essential Oil

  • Relieves Stress 
  • Mood Elevator
  • Relieves Fatique 
  • Focus Enhancer

How Pine Essential Oil can Improve Your Home Enviroment.  

By adding a few drops of Pine Essential Oil (whether on its own or in a blend) to a diffuser or burner of choice and allow it to diffuse for 1-2 hours can provide the above positive wellbeing benefits on the mind and body. As well as this your home environment can also benefit as pine essential oil is known to eliminate unwanted odors and harmful bacteria in the air, providing a fresh, crisp and stimulating aroma. 

Pine Essential Oil has many benefits of being used on it's own, however when blended with other essential oils it can provide even an even better natural aroma which can produce even more benefits. 

Which Essential Oil Blend Has Pine In It?

Our 10ml Energise Essential Oil Blend combines the following pure essential oils of uplifting lemon, stimulating orange and invigorating pine essential oils. These pure essential oils that have been carefully selected for this blend in order to produce the ultimate energising experience when diffused in any space. 

So if your energy levels are running low after a long day at work, you need an uplifting boost to begin your day, or just want to freshen up and clense your space, the energise essential oil blend is for you. 

How Can I Use This Blend In My Home?

There are two commonly used household items that can be used to fill your room with your essential oil blends:

1. An Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser – this option vapourises a mixture of water and essential oil, turning the mixture into a cool fragrant mist and dispersing it around the room.

2. An Oil Burner – this item uses a tea light to heat up the mixture of water and essential oil, so that the scent evaporates and fills the room.

Aroma Oil Burner

Both options will diffuse any essential oil and as a result will evenly disperse the desired aroma in any room you choose. 

Final Words

I hope this article has helped you understand the Therapeutic Benefits of Pine Needle Essential Oil. If you would like to find out more about the benefits of aromatherapy, our unique essential oil products as well as many Wellbeing Tips and Tricks then be sure to check out our completely FREE eBook Here 'How To Manage And Overcome Daily Stresses and Worries?'. It is packed full of more simple handy tips and essential products that can be used to help you achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle.