Quick Guide Of How To Improve Your Sleep Routine

Quick Guide Of How To Improve Your Sleep Routine

Posted by Ocean Tranquil on 3rd Sep 2019

How To Improve Your Sleep Routine – Tried and Tested

You’re probably reading this and it’s around 2 am and you’re desperately finding how to fall asleep quickly…

Well, with the fast-paced and ever more increasing stress and workload required these days, you’re not alone! A lot of people (including myself) go through periods of sleeping difficulties – laying awake and just not being able to fall asleep naturally like you once could.

Although it can be quite hard to fall asleep fast if your body isn’t letting you, below are my 3 tried and tested tips on how to quickly get yourself nodding to sleep in no time (which have all worked for me).

My Quick and Easy Steps On How To Help Your Drift Off Into A Perfect Night's Sleep

1). Preparing Your Space

My top tip is to prepare your bedroom and make it somewhere you feel nice and comfortable in. Simple changes to your bedroom can significantly help your sleep quality.  

De-clutter your space. Mess can cause stress which has been proven to interfere with how well you sleep. Make sure you make your bed every morning and tidy away any clutter before bed.  

Black Out Curtains or room-darkening shades are perfect for helping to filter out external light that can shine through and cause interrupted sleep. 

Aromatherapy has been proven to aid natural wellbeing and some essential oils can help improve sleep. 

  • Lavender Essential Oil is most commonly known for its calming and relaxing properties, therapeutic-grade lavender essential oil has been proven to have natural effective benefits such as being is calming, relaxing and balancing for the mind and body, as well as being a well known natural remedy for helping stress and sleep. 

Relax Essential Oil Blend

Carefully crafted to help you wind down and relax in your home, as well as to help you drift away and get that peaceful night’s sleep that you deserve. 


Our Relax Blend combines the following pure essential oils that have been carefully selected to produce the ultimate relaxation experience when diffused in any space.

  • Lavender Flower Oil – Calming and Relaxing
  • Bergamot Fruit Oil – Fresh and Regenerative
  • Chamomile Flower Oil – Comforting and Soothing

  • Add 5-8 drops into water and burn using an oil burner or electric diffuser 30 mins before bed to creating your perfect relaxing aroma.  

    Calm Roller Ball 

    Our 10ml Comforting Calm Roller Ball is a special blend of Lavender Essential Oil combined with both coconut and apricot kernel carrier oils for easy application to the skin.

    • Gently roll on your wrists, temples and/or pillow before bed to help you prepare for that peaceful night’s sleep you deserve.


    Always try and stick to a simple routine. When you are finding it impossible to get to sleep one night, it’s so tempting to try out drastic changes. For example, if you always sleep in a bed – don’t think that going to try and get to sleep on the comfy sofa downstairs or in a different room is going to work! It never normally does.

    These late-night desperation tactics racing through your mind on how to fall asleep as soon as possible are normally the irrational thinking of the sleep deprivation kicking in (so don’t give in). 

    Your body likes routine, and this is so important to get out of any insomnia behaviour you may have! The more you change out of that routine suddenly, the more likely your body will find it harder to fall asleep that night (which is why the tips in this article are simple – but are very effective).

    Really try to stick to what you’re most comfortable with for the time being, and if it’s not the best, then introduce it slowly into your routine later… 

    2). Listen to this deep sleep video by Michael Sealey

    This is the first thing that worked for me when I was desperately trying to kick the vicious insomnia cycle that I was in. I personally have never made it past the first 20 minutes of this video when I’ve been trying to get to sleep.

    You might think that this won’t work for you as soon as you see “hypnosis” in the video title below, but trust me, Michael Sealey’s voice is so calming in the video that it instantly relaxes you a million times more than that annoying subconscious voice that’s counting down the hours you have left of sleep before you need to wake up!

    Secondly, the voice in the video gently guides you to close your eyes and it’s done so naturally that it actually makes them feel too heavy to open. This is great as it really helps you to relax the mind.

    A tip I use (best option) is to simply play the video, put the volume slightly above your desired loudness, and then slide your phone across the room. If you can’t make much noise in your room, grab some headphones and try to listen to it, but if you’re not used to going to sleep with headphones in this is not ideal, however, you should get into a much more relaxed state than you were before.

    3). Put the phone away... NOW

    This step is simple but SO effective.

    Research suggests it takes between three to four hours for our bodies to unwind before sleep. It has been found that  the blue light that is emitted by screens on your electronic devices can restrain the production of melatonin, which is the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle. Reducing your melatonin makes it harder to fall and stay asleep. 

    As well as this, the constant notifications, emails and texts that our phones bombard us with are just not needed if you actually want a good night’s sleep quickly (and would like to avoid that horrible sleep deprivation feeling in the morning). Apps and emails are constantly trying to alert us with anything they can so that they can get you to interact with them (which is generally how most apps will make some sort of money). 

    Although it can be hard to put the phone away it is necessary to let your brain switch off.

    To allow yourself to get to sleep your brain must start to unwind. However, as soon as you, get a text from a friend or see a late email from your boss, your brain kicks into overdrive – normally worrying about how to respond.

    If you want to fall asleep quickly, try to give yourself about an hour electronic free time before your bedtime and move other electronic devices out of the bedroom. 

    If you do need to keep your phone in the bedroom it is so important that you turn your phone onto a “do not disturb” setting. This will stop the notifications from emails/texts/social media keeping you awake and actually allow your mind to relax. For most iPhone owners, simply swipe up on the lock screen of the iPhone and enable “do not disturb”.

    If you are planning on watching Michael Sealey’s video mentioned in step 2). above, simply play the video and make sure you put your phone on the “do not disturb” mode to prevent your phone disrupting your sleep. Then slide your phone somewhere out of reach and just listen and relax to the calming voice.

    Final Words

    I hope this article has helped you to get a good night’s sleep. If you would like more Wellbeing Tips and Tricks then be sure to check out our completely FREE eBook Here 'How To Manage And Overcome Daily Stresses and Worries?'. It is packed full of more simple handy tips and essential products that can be used to help you achieve a healthy sustainable lifestyle.