How To Get The Most Out Of Using Your Essential Oil Diffuser or Burner

How To Get The Most Out Of Using Your Essential Oil Diffuser or Burner

Posted by Ocean Tranquil on 31st Oct 2020

What Is The Difference Between Oil Burners and Electric Diffusers?

There are two commonly used household items that can be used to fill your room with your essential oil blends, however if you are solely a wax melt lover, then there is only one burner suited for you, the oil/wax burner. 

Oil/Wax Burner

How To Use For Essential Oils

An oil burner has a bowl where you pour a mixture of water and some drops of your preffered essential oil. The water and essential oil are gently heated by a small tea light candle that is placed under the bowl, allowing the scent to evaporate and fill your room.

How To Use For Wax Melts

Place your chosen Wax Melt in the top bowl of the burner, pop a tea light underneath and carefully light it. The wax melt will slowly begin to melt and the scent will evaporate and fill your room.

Electric Essential Oil Diffuser

An electric oil diffuser has a small compartment where a mixture of water and a few drops of oil are added. The lid is placed back on top and then switched on. Electric diffsuers differ to oil/wax burners as they don’t require heat to release the fragrance. Instead they work by vapourising a mixture of water and essential oil, turning the mixture into a cool fragrant mist and dispersing it around the room.

Top tips for getting the most from your oil burner:

  • Chose your scent carefully. Depending on what mood you would you like to create in your home, choose a corresponding essential oil blend, or wax melt.  
  • In the bowl of the oil burner or container of your electric oil diffuser try to add aroud (half to two thirds full) water and only a few drops of essential oil (3-5 drops for a small bowl/container, 5-8 drops for a medium sized one and 7-10 drops for a large one).
  • Don’t add lots of essential oil to start with – you can always top it up later. Less is definitely better!
  • Create a suitable space! Enhance your space further to suit your mood. For example, if you want to relax, why not lower your lighting and play some relaxing music, or practice mediation whilst enjoying the aroma of your oil burner.
  • If you decide to take a bath with essential oils, use the same oils in your oil burner. That way you can enjoy the full benefit of the essential oils – absorption through the skin and the aroma.

So if you've been neglecting you oil burner or electric oil diffuser recently, why not give it a dust and start experimenting with your favourite fragrances in your home.